Our Story

Kamal Beverly Hills: Where Global Elegance Meets Timeless Style

Founded in the heart of Beverly Hills, by Sabaa Kamal, our brand has been a global style destination since its inception in 2013. We pride ourselves in offering a carefully curated selection of international fashion, which encompasses a wide array of stunning jewelry, clothing, and accessories. What sets Kamal Beverly Hills apart is our dynamic curated collection from both established and emerging designers from underrepresented fashion markets such as Pakistan, India, Dubai, and others.


Over the span of the past decade, Kamal Beverly Hills has carved a niche for itself in the luxury retail market, becoming a coveted destination for our fashion minded clientele. Unique pieces from Kamal Beverly Hills have become a favorite of A-list celebrities, international royalty, socialites, and brides from all around the world. Our reputation has been built upon our client focused approach and meticulous curation of unique and exquisite fashion statement pieces that cater to the discerning tastes of our clientele. Our collections offer a harmonious blend of age old traditions of artisan handcrafting and modern trends - creating timeless one of kind style statements that stand apart from the rest.


Meet Sabaa: Founder and CEO

Sabaa Kamal, the visionary behind Kamal Beverly Hills, brings a world of fashion expertise to our brand. Sabaa left her career as a lawyer behind and took a leap of faith following her lifelong passion that culminated into Kamal Beverly Hills. She saw a gap in the luxury retail market when it came to minority women owned businesses representing international designers and decided to fill the gap the best way she knew how - creating a team of fearless business minded women with a love for fashion that worked together for years to build the brand to what it is today.
Sabaa’s passion and determination comes from her commitment in representing the best international designers and highlighting diversity in the fashion industry. For the past 10 years, she has meticulously curated each item in every collection. This personal touch ensures that every piece in her brand reflects her style, global fashion trends and attention to detail.
Sabaa lives in sunny Los Angeles, California with her husband, son and their dog Simba. When she isn't immersed in work, you can find her hiking with her family in Malibu and seeking new adventures around the world.

Meet Ramsha: Co-Owner and Creative Visionary

Since joining Kamal Beverly Hills in 2014, Ramsha has become a vital part of the brand. Her journey in the world of fashion was ignited prior to acquiring her dual degrees in Fashion Design and Business Management. Her unique educational background allows her to seamlessly blend her artistic creativity with a keen business mindset.
Ramsha's artistic flair is greatly influenced by her passion for travel, photography, and a profound appreciation for both Eastern and Western fashion traditions. Working in this dynamic fashion field, she finds inspiration from collaborating with remarkable women, designers, and artisans from around the world.
Beyond the realm of fashion, Ramsha finds joy in traveling alongside her fiancé, discovering new coffee havens, and cherishing moments with her beloved dogs, Leo and Ozzie.