· By Ali El-Shayeb

Melbourne cafes and textiles

Once we are greeted at the entrance to the café we are faced with clear displays of homemade soap and natural soaps made from coconut oil and plant oils. All natural ingredients are highly valued by those of us who shop and shop responsibly.
The cafe is calm, warm and stylish. There is no smoke. And no young people. Since we are both in our sixties we find that out of all the cafes we have been to here, this is by far the nicest in Melbourne.
The cafe has two floors and it is totally relaxed. A beautiful room that is able to hold more than 30 people on each floor can be used for events.
We purchase a large sheet of art paper and several pencils to use to draw designs on it to be put on shirts or to embellish our garments and leave our designs for others to wear. There are endless possibilities.
We had not planned to do a major shopping trip but the colors, shapes, tones and tones of the textiles completely caught our attention. Some of them are so beautiful that they may never be worn. All the cloths in this shop are designed with subtle tones of blue and green. A designer has clearly mastered the balance of these tones.
Kissed by Melon, in the heart of Melbourne is a conscious design company that allows shoppers to purchase quality clothes with ethical fabric sources and manufactures in Australia. The ethical fabric designers choose the best in quality yarns, dyes and threads and produce their designs as the designers want them to be created.
This was an ethical trip to Melbourne and it is highly recommended.